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Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol / Drugs

Being arrested for operating under the influence can make for the worst night of your life along with the fear of losing your job, your license, or going to jail. It is import for you to know your rights and have a lawyer who understands Massachusetts OUI Law.

Attorney Lloyd has tried hundreds of operating under the influence cases and is up to date with the changing laws. New OUI law has made the prosecutor's job easier whether your case involved an accident, Breathalyzer test, or blood alcohol test. Attorney Lloyd works with nationally recognized experts to protect your rights, defend you, and preserve your driver's license. His experience as a prosecutor in OUI cases gives him the knowhow to defend you by understanding the tactics and strategies used by the police and prosecutors. He will use that knowledge to find ways of challenging the allegations being leveled against you.

Experience You Can Trust

Attorney Lloyd has over 17 years of experience as a litigator representing clients throughout Massachusetts. He has appeared thousands of times in Superior and District Courts throughout the Commonwealth.

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